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What is Toys R Us?

Toys “R” Us is a well-known retailer specializing in all things fun for kids.

It is originally founded in 1945, Toys “R” Us became a household name for generations, synonymous with childhood wonder and the excitement of toy shopping.

Toys: They carry a vast selection of toys, ranging from action figures and dolls to educational games and outdoor play equipment.

Baby Products: You’ll find everything for little ones, from diapers and clothes to cribs and car seats.

Other Items: They also offer some apparel and even sports goods in some locations.

While the landscape of Toys “R” Us has changed, the spirit of excitement and fun associated with the brand remains. Whether you’re shopping online or searching for a physical store in select countries, Toys “R” Us can still be a great place to find the perfect toys to spark imagination and joy.

What products are offered by Toys R Us?

Toys “R” Us offers a huge variety of products across different categories, catering to all ages and interests. Here’s a breakdown of their main offerings:


Action figures & playsets: Superhero figures, Star Wars characters, dinosaurs, cars, dolls like Barbie and Disney princesses, and playsets to go with them.

Building sets & blocks: LEGO, Mega Bloks, wooden blocks, and construction sets for all ages and skill levels.

Dolls, collectibles & stuffed animals: Plush toys, baby dolls, action figures of popular characters, and collectible items like Funko Pops.

Games & puzzles: Board games, card games, party games, educational games, puzzles for all ages, and even giant outdoor games.

Kids’ arts & crafts: Crayons, markers, painting sets, clay, modeling dough, beads, and kits for various creative activities.

Activities & games: Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, balls, frisbees, toy guns, water guns, swimming pools, ride-on toys, and outdoor play equipment.

Educational toys: Learning tablets, alphabet blocks, science kits, coding games, and other toys that encourage learning and development.

Other Products:

Kids’ clothing and shoes: From everyday wear to costumes and special occasion outfits.

Baby products: Diapers, wipes, bottles, feeding accessories, baby clothes, cribs, strollers, and car seats.

Seasonal items: Toys and decorations for holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Easter.

How is the online shopping experience in Toys R Us?

The online shopping experience at Toys “R” Us is positive, offering a user-friendly interface, a wide product range, and convenient features.

Large selection: They offer a vast assortment of toys for all ages and interests, categorized clearly for easy browsing.

User-friendly website: The website is relatively straightforward and easy to navigate, with good search functionality and product filters.

Detailed product information: Most products have clear descriptions, specs, and even customer reviews to help you make informed decisions.

Multiple payment options: They accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and Paypal.

Shipping options: They offer different shipping options with varying speeds and costs, allowing you to choose what suits your needs.

Frequent promotions and deals: They regularly offer discounts, coupons, and sale events, especially around holidays and seasonal occasions.

Gift registry and wishlist features: These are convenient for birthdays, holidays, and baby showers.

Mobile app: They have a mobile app for a convenient shopping experience on the go.

The online shopping experience at Toys “R” Us is generally positive, offering a user-friendly interface, a wide product range, and convenient features. However, it’s important to be aware of potential drawbacks like shipping costs and return policies. Ultimately, your satisfaction will depend on your individual needs and expectations.

What payment models are offered by Toys R Us?

The payment models offered by Toys “R” Us can vary depending on your location and whether you’re shopping online or in-store.

Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express are widely accepted both online and in-store.

Debit cards: Most major debit cards are accepted, though specific brands might vary.

Cash: Accepted in most physical stores, but not online.

Gift cards: Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us gift cards can be used online and in-store.

What is Toys R Us’s return policy?

Toys “R” Us in the UAE has a specific return policy for items purchased online or in their stores. Here’s a breakdown:

Return window:

You have 30 days from the date of purchase or delivery to return an item.

Eligible items:

The item must be in its original, unopened, and unused condition with all original tags and packaging.

Some exceptions apply, including:

Opened electronics and media (CDs, DVDs, games)

Hygiene products (diapers, pacifiers)

Items purchased during sale or clearance events


You will receive a full refund for the returned item, excluding any shipping charges, to your original payment method.

Return methods:

You can return items by:

Mail-in: Download a return label from their website and use it to ship the item back to them.

In-store: You can return eligible items to any Toys “R” Us store in the UAE.

Additional points to consider:

You will need proof of purchase (receipt or order confirmation) to return an item.

Processing times for refunds can vary.

For certain promotions or discounts, specific return conditions might apply.

Can I cancel or modify my Toys R Us order after it has been placed?

Unfortunately, the ability to cancel or modify your Toys “R” Us online order after it has been placed depends on several factors:

Time elapsed since placing the order:

Within 15 minutes: Most online retailers, including Toys “R” Us, offer a grace period to modify or cancel your order without any charges. Check their website or contact customer service to confirm if this applies to your situation.

After 15 minutes: Once an order has been processed and entered fulfillment, modifications or cancellations become more challenging.

Order status:

Not yet shipped: If your order hasn’t shipped yet, there’s a higher chance of still being able to modify it. Try contacting customer service immediately to see if they can adjust quantities, change items, or cancel the entire order.

Already shipped: Once the order has shipped, canceling or modifying it becomes difficult, if not impossible. However, you can still follow the return policy to send back any unwanted items once they arrive.

Here are some ways to potentially modify or cancel your order:

Contact customer service: This is your best bet, especially if your order is still within the 15-minute grace period or hasn’t shipped yet. You can reach them by phone, live chat, or email.

Check your order confirmation email: Some emails might have a link to “Manage Order” or similar options, allowing you to make changes directly.

Review their website: The Toys “R” Us website might have a section dedicated to modifying or canceling orders. Look for information in the “Help Center” or “Frequently Asked Questions” sections.

How can I track my Toys R Us order?

To track your Toys “R” Us order in the UAE online store, you have a few convenient options:

  1. Using your order confirmation email:

When you placed your order, you should have received an email confirmation containing your order number and other details.

Look for a link or button titled “Track Order” or something similar within the email.

Clicking on this link will take you straight to the order tracking page, where you can see the current status of your shipment.

  1. Through the Toys “R” Us UAE website:

Visit the Toys “R” Us UAE website ( and navigate to the “My Account” section.

If you haven’t already, create an account using the email address associated with your order.

Once logged in, you’ll see a list of your recent orders, including their current status and tracking information.

Click on the specific order you want to track to get detailed information about its shipment.

  1. Checking your app:

If you downloaded the Toys “R” Us UAE app, you can use it to track your order easily.

Log in to the app and navigate to the “My Orders” section.

You’ll find a list of your recent orders, including their current status and tracking information.

Tap on the specific order you want to track for detailed shipment information.

  1. Contacting customer service:

If you’re experiencing any issues tracking your order through the aforementioned methods, or if you have any questions about your shipment, don’t hesitate to contact Toys “R” Us UAE customer service.

You can reach them by phone at 800 869 778 732 (800 TOYS R US FC), email at, or live chat on their website.

Be sure to have your order number handy when contacting them.

What are the reasons why the buyers prefer Toys R Us?

While Toys “R” Us has faced challenges in some regions, there are several reasons why it remains a popular choice for many buyers in the UAE:


Wide product selection: They offer a vast assortment of toys and baby products catering to all ages and interests, from popular brands to educational items and outdoor play equipment. This one-stop-shop convenience is attractive to many parents.

Strong brand recognition: Toys “R” Us has a long history and strong brand recognition globally, particularly in the UAE where it has been present for years. This established reputation for quality and trust encourages repeat customers.

Competitive pricing: While not always the absolute cheapest, they often offer competitive prices and frequent promotions, especially during seasonal sales and clearance events. Additionally, their online platform allows for easy price comparison and finding deals.

Convenient shopping experience: Their website and mobile app are user-friendly and provide helpful filters for browsing and searching. They also offer multiple payment options and various delivery methods, making online shopping smooth and convenient.

Positive shopping environment: Their physical stores in UAE are typically spacious, well-organized, and family-friendly, with interactive displays and play areas that enhance the shopping experience for both children and adults.

Focus on customer service: Their staff is generally friendly and knowledgeable, offering assistance with product recommendations and addressing any concerns. This personalized touch can be valuable for parents seeking guidance.

Additional factors: They sometimes partner with local brands or participate in community events, fostering a sense of connection and local relevance for UAE customers.

Can we trust in Toys R Us and buy from there?

Whether you can trust Toys “R” Us and make safe purchases there depends on several factors and your individual risk tolerance. Here’s a breakdown of both the positive and negative aspects to help you decide:

Positive aspects:

Long-standing brand: Toys “R” Us has been around for decades and has a global reputation for quality and safety.

Wide range of products: They offer a massive selection of toys from reputable brands, ensuring variety and options to suit different needs and budgets.

Competitive pricing: While not always the cheapest, they offer regular promotions and deals, making them competitive in the market.

Convenient shopping options: You can purchase online or in-store, with user-friendly platforms and multiple payment methods.

Customer service: They generally have a good customer service reputation, ready to assist with questions or address concerns.

Return policy: Their return policy, while varying by region, allows for reasonable returns and exchanges within a set timeframe.

Secure payment options: They use secure payment gateways and online systems to protect your financial information.

Negative aspects:

Financial history: The company faced bankruptcy in 2017 and was partially restructured, which might raise concerns for some.

Limited presence in some regions: While popular in UAE, their physical stores and online reach might be limited in certain countries.

Not always the absolute cheapest: You might find some items cheaper at other retailers, especially discount stores.

Potential online scams: As with any online shopping, there’s a risk of encountering fake websites or scams using the Toys “R” Us brand.

Tips for safe purchasing:

Shop on their official website or in their physical stores. Avoid third-party sellers or websites claiming to be affiliated with Toys “R” Us.

Check reviews and ratings: Research the specific product and read customer reviews before making a purchase.

Compare prices: Look at other retailers online and in-store to ensure you’re getting a good deal.

Pay securely: Use secure payment methods like credit cards with purchase protection or reputable online payment gateways.

Keep your records: Save your order confirmation emails and receipts for potential returns or future reference.

Be cautious of unsolicited offers: If you receive emails or messages offering deals that seem too good to be true, they might be scams.

What are the shops “similar to” and/or “competitors of” Toys R Us?

Toys “R” Us faces competition from both local and international players in the toy market. Here’s a breakdown of stores similar to and competing with Toys “R” Us, categorized for easier comparison:

Similar Options:

Hamleys: Another internationally recognized toy retailer offering a similar wide range of toys, but often catering to a slightly higher-end price bracket.

Early Learning Centre: Focuses on educational toys and learning resources for children of all ages, with more emphasis on early learning and development compared to Toys “R” Us.

Carrefour Kids: Located within most Carrefour hypermarkets, it offers a selection of toys alongside other children’s goods. The variety might be smaller compared to dedicated toy stores, but it provides convenience for one-stop shopping.

Mothercare: Primarily caters to baby and toddler necessities, but also carries a decent selection of toys geared towards younger children.


Jumbo: Locally owned toy store chain with a strong presence in the UAE, offering competitive prices and a good variety of toys across different brands.

Babynano: Focused on baby and toddler products, but also carries a decent selection of toys for younger children. They often have competitive prices and frequent promotions.

Amazon UAE: The online retail giant offers a massive selection of toys at various price points and convenient delivery options, challenging the dominance of traditional toy stores.

Noon: Another major online retailer in the UAE with a dedicated section for toys, offering competitive prices and convenient delivery options.

Smaller independent toy stores: Several local toy stores in various parts of the UAE offer specialized selections, unique imported products, or cater to specific needs like educational toys or outdoor play equipment.

How long does it usually take for orders to be delivered within UAE?

The delivery time for Toys “R” Us orders in UAE can vary depending on several factors, including:

Shipping method:

Standard delivery: Generally takes 1-3 days within major cities and up to 4-7 days for remote areas.

Express delivery: Available in some areas and can deliver your order within 24-48 hours.

Click-and-collect: You can pick up your order at a designated Toys “R” Us store within 2-3 hours of placing your order.

Order destination: Delivery times might be faster within densely populated areas like Dubai and Abu Dhabi compared to more remote locations.

Order size and weight: Larger or heavier orders might take longer to deliver due to logistics requirements.

Current promotion or sale events: During busy periods, there might be a slight delay in order processing and delivery times.

Here’s a general idea of delivery times based on shipping methods:

Standard delivery: Most orders within major cities arrive within 2-3 days. Allow for 4-7 days in remote areas.

Express delivery: Orders placed before a specific cut-off time (usually midday) can arrive within 24 hours in major cities. Expect 48 hours for other areas.

Click-and-collect: You can pick up your order within 2-3 hours of placing it at the chosen store.

Always check the specific delivery estimate for your order during checkout, as it will provide the most accurate timeframe based on your chosen method and location.

What are the shipping costs for online orders?

The shipping costs for Toys “R” Us online orders in UAE vary depending on a few factors:

Order value:

Free shipping: For orders above AED 99, you enjoy free standard delivery within the UAE.

Flat fee: For orders below AED 99, a flat shipping fee of AED 20 applies regardless of the order size or destination.

Order destination:

Additional charges: Remote areas might incur additional delivery charges beyond the standard fee. This information will be displayed during checkout before you confirm your order.

Express delivery:

Additional cost: If you choose express delivery (available in some areas), there will be an additional fee on top of the standard costs. The exact amount for express delivery depends on your location and order size.

Here’s a quick summary of the shipping costs:

Orders above AED 99: Free standard delivery within UAE.

Orders below AED 99: AED 20 flat fee for standard delivery.

Remote areas: Potential additional charges applied at checkout.

Express delivery: Additional fee based on location and order size.

Tips for minimizing shipping costs:

Combine your purchases to reach the AED 99 threshold for free delivery.

Check if express delivery is available and cost-effective for your specific needs.

Consider click-and-collect if there’s a convenient store location nearby, avoiding any delivery charges.

When are their next big sale events or clearance periods?

Predicting the exact dates of future sale events and clearance periods can be tricky, but based on historical trends and seasonal patterns, here’s what you can expect from Toys “R” Us UAE in terms of upcoming deals:

Major sale events:

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: This global shopping event typically falls in late November. Expect significant discounts on a wide range of toys, with possible promotions lasting throughout the weekend.

Ramadan & Eid al-Fitr: During this period, around April or May, look for special promotional offers and festive-themed toy selections.

Back-to-school period: In August or September, they often have sales and promotional offers on educational toys and school supplies.

End-of-season clearance: Towards the end of summer (August) and winter (January), they usually have clearance sales on seasonal toys and outdoor items.

Additional promotional opportunities:

Flash sales: Keep an eye out for sporadic flash sales on their website or social media platforms, offering limited-time discounts on specific items or categories.

Weekly deals: They occasionally offer weekly deals on select toys or product categories, usually announced through newsletter emails or website banners.

Promotional codes and coupons: You can find coupons and promo codes online on retailer-specific websites or platforms like RetailMeNot and CouponCabin.

Tips for staying informed about upcoming sales:

Subscribe to their email newsletter: This is the easiest way to receive updates about upcoming promotions, exclusive offers, and new product launches.

Follow them on social media: Keep an eye on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for announcements about upcoming sales and special deals.

Visit their website regularly: Their website often displays upcoming promotions and sale events on a dedicated page or banner.

Download their app: The Toys “R” Us UAE app might offer exclusive deals and early access to certain sales.

Are there any special promotions or coupons available for UAE customers?

Her are some resources and tips to help you find any special offers available for Toys “R” customers:

Official channels:

Website: Visit the Toys “R” Us UAE website and check their “Offers & Promotions” or “Sale” page for currently active deals. They often display banners or dedicated sections highlighting available discounts and limited-time offers.

Email newsletter: Subscribe to their email list to receive updates about promotions, exclusive offers, and new product launches directly in your inbox.

Social media: Follow their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for announcements about upcoming sales, flash deals, and potential promo codes. They might also run contests or giveaways with special offers for followers.

Mobile app: If you download the Toys “R” Us UAE app, you might gain access to exclusive deals and early access to certain sales events.

External resources:

Coupon websites: Look for coupons and promo codes on retailer-specific websites like . These platforms often aggregate and list available offers for various retailers, including Toys “R” Us.

Deal blogs and forums: Keep an eye on deal blogs and online forums focused on shopping tips and promotions in the UAE. These resources might share information about currently active offers or upcoming sales at Toys “R” Us.

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