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About Careem

Careem is a transportation network company and ride-hailing platform that operates primarily in the Middle East and North Africa. It was founded in 2012 and gained significant popularity as a competitor to Uber in the region. Careem offers a mobile app that allows users to book a variety of transportation services, including cars, bikes, and rickshaws.

Initially launched as a car booking service, Careem expanded its offerings to include different types of transportation options to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. Users can choose from options such as Careem Go (economy cars), Careem Plus (mid-range cars), Careem Max (larger cars), and Careem Kids (child-friendly cars). Additionally, Careem also introduced services like Careem Bus, which provides affordable mass transportation in select cities.

Careem has its own fleet of drivers who are registered with the company and undergo a screening process. The platform enables users to book rides, track their drivers in real-time, and make cashless payments through the app. It also offers features like scheduled rides and various promotions or discounts.

What services can I get from Careem?

Careem is a platform of transportation services. You can use Careem to book a variety of rides, depending on the available options in your city or region. The specific services offered may vary based on location, however some common options are:

Car rides: Careem allows you to book rides in different types of cars, ranging from economy to luxury vehicles. You can select the appropriate car category based on your preferences and budget.

Careem Bike: In select cities, Careem provides bike-sharing services. You can use the app to locate nearby Careem bikes and rent them for short-distance trips or commutes.

Careem MAX: Careem MAX is a larger car option suitable for groups or when you need more space during your ride.

Careem Kids: Careem offers child-friendly rides with specially trained drivers who can accommodate families with children. These rides often provide child seats or booster seats upon request.

Careem Bus: In certain cities, Careem operates bus services to provide affordable mass transportation options. Careem Bus allows you to book a seat on scheduled routes, similar to public transportation.

Apart from transportation services, Careem has also expanded its offerings to include additional features and services in some markets. These can include:

Careem Box: In select cities, Careem provides delivery services for sending packages or items to desired destinations.

Careem Pay: Careem has its own digital wallet called “Careem Pay” that allows you to make cashless payments for your rides. You can add funds to your Careem Pay wallet and use it to pay for your rides and other services offered within the app.

Which countries and cities does Careem operate in?

Careem operates in several countries and cities across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia regions. While the availability of Careem’s services may vary within each country, here is a list of countries where Careem has a presence:

  1. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  2. Saudi Arabia
  3. Egypt
  4. Pakistan
  5. Jordan
  6. Kuwait
  7. Bahrain
  8. Qatar
  9. Lebanon
  10. Iraq
  11. Oman
  12. Morocco
  13. Palestine (limited areas)
  14. Turkey (limited areas)
  15. Sudan
  16. Algeria

Please note that the availability of Careem’s services within these countries may vary from city to city. For example, in larger cities, such as Dubai, Riyadh, Cairo, and Karachi, you are more likely to find a wider range of services and options.

How does it work?

Careem operates as a ride-hailing platform that connects users with available drivers in their area. Here’s an overview of how Careem works:

  1. Download the app: Users need to download the Careem mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store and create an account. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.
  2. Set pickup and drop-off locations: Open the Careem app and enter your desired pickup location and destination. You can either manually enter the addresses or use the app’s map interface to set the locations.
  3. Select the service type: Careem offers different service categories such as Economy, Business, or Max (larger vehicles). Choose the category that suits your preferences and budget.
  4. View ride options and prices: Once you’ve set the pickup and drop-off locations and selected the service category, the app will display available ride options and their respective prices. You can see details such as estimated time of arrival (ETA) and fare estimates for each option.
  5. Confirm your ride: After reviewing the available options, select the ride that best suits your needs and tap on it to confirm your booking. The app will connect you with an available driver.
  6. Track your ride: Once your ride is confirmed, you can track the location of your driver in real-time through the app. You’ll see the driver’s location and ETA on the map, allowing you to know when they will arrive.
  7. Enjoy your ride: When the driver arrives, they will pick you up from the designated location. During the ride, you can communicate with the driver, if needed, through the app’s messaging feature.
  8. Cashless payment: Careem encourages cashless payments for convenience and safety. You can add funds to your Careem Pay wallet within the app and use it to pay for your rides. Alternatively, some regions may offer cash payment options.
  9. Rate and review: After the ride, you have the option to rate your driver and provide feedback about your experience. This helps Careem maintain quality and improve its services.

What categories are offered by Careem?

The specific categories available may vary depending on the city or region you are in. Here are some common categories that Careem offers:

Economy: This category provides affordable transportation options for everyday rides. It typically includes smaller, economical cars for individual or small group travel.

Business: The Business category offers more premium and comfortable vehicles, suitable for professional or corporate travel. It provides a higher level of service and often includes luxury or executive car options.

Max: Careem Max is a category that offers larger vehicles, such as SUVs or minivans, which can accommodate more passengers or extra luggage. It is suitable for group travel or when you require more space during your ride.

Kids: Careem Kids is a category designed to cater to families with children. It provides child-friendly rides with specially trained drivers who are equipped with child seats or booster seats to ensure the safety and comfort of young passengers.

Hala (Dubai): In Dubai, Careem operates a separate category called Hala, which offers taxis and taxi-hailing services through the Careem app. Hala allows you to book regular taxis directly from the app and enjoy the convenience of app-based ride-hailing for traditional taxi services.

Bike: In select cities, Careem offers bike-sharing services. This category allows you to find nearby Careem bikes through the app and rent them for short-distance trips or commutes.

Careem promo codes and how to use them

To find and use Careem promo codes please follow these steps:

Launch the Careem mobile app: Make sure you have the latest version of the Careem app installed on your smartphone.

Sign in or create an account: If you’re a new user, sign up for a Careem account by providing the required information and completing the registration process. If you already have an account, sign in using your credentials.

Navigate to the Promotions section: Once you’re logged in, open the app and look for the “Promotions” or “Wallet” section. The location may vary depending on the app version and platform (iOS or Android).

Explore available promo codes: In the Promotions section, you’ll find a list of available careem promo code and discounts. These can include codes for discounted rides, free rides, or other promotional offers. Careem often provides promo codes through various marketing campaigns, partnerships, or as part of special events.

Copy or note down the promo code: Browse through the available coupons and select the one that best suits your needs. Copy the code or take note of it for later use. Careem promo codes are usually a combination of letters, numbers, or both.

Apply the promo code: When you’re ready to book a ride, proceed to the ride booking screen. Before confirming the booking, you’ll see a section where you can enter a careem discount code or voucher. Paste or type in the promo code you obtained in the previous step.

Verify the discount: After entering the promo code, the app will validate it and apply the corresponding discount or offer to your ride. The discount should be visible on the booking details or fare summary.

Complete the booking: Once you’ve confirmed the promo code and reviewed the booking details, proceed to book your ride as usual. The discount or promotional offer will be reflected in the final fare.

It’s important to note that promo codes may have certain terms and conditions associated with them, such as expiry dates, usage limits, or specific ride types or locations. Make sure to review the terms and conditions of each careem coupon code to ensure its applicability to your ride and to maximize your savings.

Additionally, Careem may also send promo codes or offers directly to users via email, SMS, or push notifications. Keep an eye on your communication channels associated with your Careem account to stay updated on any exclusive promo codes or discounts.

Loyalty and rewards program for frequent users

Careem offers a loyalty and rewards program called “Careem Rewards” for frequent users. The program is designed to provide additional benefits and incentives to loyal customers. Here are some key features of Careem Rewards:

Points Earning: When you use Careem’s services, such as booking rides or ordering food, you earn points based on the amount spent. The more you use Careem, the more points you accumulate.

Tier Levels: Careem Rewards has different tier levels based on the number of points earned. These tiers include Blue, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. As you progress to higher tiers, you unlock additional benefits and perks.

Exclusive Benefits: Careem Rewards offers various exclusive benefits to its members, such as priority customer support, access to special promotions and offers, and early access to new features and services.

Redeem Points: You can redeem your accumulated points for a variety of rewards, including discounts on rides, free rides, Careem credits, and partner discounts.

Partner Benefits: Careem has partnered with other businesses to provide additional benefits to its loyalty program members. These partnerships can include discounts and special offers from retail stores, restaurants, airlines, and more.

To participate in the Careem Rewards program, you need to sign up for a Careem account and start using their services. Points are automatically credited to your account based on your eligible transactions.

The discounts or promotions available

Careem frequently offers discounts and promotions to its users. These discounts and promotions can vary by region and time, and they are often designed to provide cost savings or incentives. Careem offers;

Promo Codes: Careem regularly releases promo codes that users can apply to their bookings to receive discounts or special offers. These promo codes may be specific to certain cities, events, or user groups.

Percentage Discounts: Careem occasionally offers percentage-based discounts on rides, where a certain percentage is deducted from the total fare.

Flat Rate Discounts: Careem may offer flat rate discounts, where a fixed amount is subtracted from the fare regardless of the distance or duration of the ride.

Time-Specific Promotions: Careem sometimes introduces time-specific promotions, such as discounted rates during off-peak hours or specific days of the week.

Partner Offers: Careem collaborates with various partners, such as banks, airlines, and restaurants, to offer joint promotions and discounts. These partnerships can provide additional benefits or savings to Careem users.

To schedule a ride in advance with Careem

Yes, you can schedule a ride in advance with Careem. The scheduled ride feature allows you to book a ride for a specific date and time in the future. This can be convenient when you want to ensure transportation at a particular time or when you have planned events or appointments.

To schedule a ride in advance with Careem, you can follow these steps:

Open the Careem app on your mobile device.

Enter your pickup location and destination as you would for a regular ride booking.

Instead of selecting “Ride Now,” look for the option to “Schedule” or “Schedule Ride” on the booking screen. This option may be displayed below the regular ride booking options.

Select the desired date and time for your scheduled ride. Note that scheduling may have restrictions based on availability and the advance booking window provided by Careem in your region.

Review the fare estimate and confirm your booking.

Careem will send you a confirmation of your scheduled ride, and you will receive notifications and updates as the scheduled time approaches.

By scheduling a ride in advance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your transportation is arranged and ready for your desired time, allowing you to plan your day more effectively.

Careem can accommodate special needs or requirements, such as accessible vehicles or car seats.

Careem strives to accommodate special needs and requirements, including accessible vehicles and car seats, in some regions. Careem provides;

Accessible Vehicles: In select cities, Careem offers specialized services for individuals with accessibility needs. These services may include wheelchair-accessible vehicles (WAVs) equipped with ramps or lifts to accommodate passengers with mobility challenges. The availability of accessible vehicles may vary depending on the specific city or region.

Car Seats: Careem offers the option to request a car seat for passengers traveling with young children. This service allows you to ensure the safety and comfort of your child during the ride. When making a booking through the Careem app, you can select the car seat option if it’s available in your location.

Special Assistance: Careem encourages riders with specific requirements to reach out to their customer support team or contact the captain (driver) directly to discuss their needs. They strive to accommodate reasonable requests and provide assistance whenever possible.

By offering these options, Careem aims to make transportation more inclusive and cater to the diverse needs of its riders.

The payment models offered by Careem

Cash Payment: Careem allows users to pay for their rides in cash. After completing the ride, you can pay the driver in local currency using cash. This option is especially useful for users who prefer or need to pay in cash.

Card Payment: Careem accepts card payments for rides. You can securely add your credit or debit card details to your Careem account and use it to pay for your rides directly through the app. Card payments provide a cashless and convenient option for users.

Careem Pay Wallet: Careem has its own digital wallet called “Careem Pay.” Users can add funds to their Careem Pay wallet within the app and use it to make cashless payments for rides and other services offered by Careem. This option allows for quick and hassle-free payments.

Ensuring the safety of its riders and drivers?

Careem prioritizes the safety of both its riders and drivers and has implemented several measures to ensure a secure and reliable experience. Here are some ways Careem works to ensure safety:

Driver Screening and Verification: Careem conducts a thorough screening process for its drivers, which includes verifying their identity, driver’s license, and criminal background checks. Careem ensures that only eligible and qualified individuals are approved to become Careem Captains (drivers).

Rider Identification: Careem promotes rider safety by implementing a “Verified by Careem” feature. This feature displays the rider’s name and photo on the driver’s app, allowing drivers to confirm the identity of the rider before starting the trip.

In-app Tracking and SOS Button: Careem provides an in-app tracking feature that allows riders to share their real-time trip status with trusted contacts. Additionally, Careem’s app includes an SOS button that riders can use to quickly report emergencies to the Careem safety team.

Rating and Feedback System: Careem has a two-way rating and feedback system where both riders and drivers can rate and provide feedback on their experience after each trip. This system helps maintain accountability and encourages responsible behavior.

24/7 Customer Support: Careem offers 24/7 customer support to address any safety concerns or issues raised by riders or drivers. Users can contact Careem’s support team through the app, website, or other available communication channels.

Safety Education and Training: Careem invests in safety education and training programs for both its drivers and riders. This includes providing guidelines on safe driving practices, sharing safety tips with users, and promoting awareness of safety-related features within the app.

Insurance Coverage: Careem provides insurance coverage to protect riders and drivers during the duration of their trips. This coverage includes personal accident insurance, liability insurance, and other applicable coverage as per local regulations.

Please note that safety measures may vary by location due to local laws and regulations. Careem continuously evaluates and improves its safety protocols to adapt to changing needs and ensure the well-being of its community of riders and drivers.

Why do the buyers prefer Careem?

Buyers prefer Careem for several reasons, which contribute to its popularity and user satisfaction:

Reliability: Careem is known for its reliable and consistent service. Users can rely on Careem to provide timely pickups and arrivals, reducing waiting times and ensuring punctuality.

Wide Availability: Careem operates in numerous cities across the Middle East and North Africa region, offering extensive coverage. This widespread availability makes it convenient for users to access Careem’s services in various locations.

Diverse Vehicle Options: Careem provides a range of vehicle options to suit different needs and preferences. Whether users require an economical ride, a business-class experience, or a larger vehicle for group travel, Careem offers various categories to choose from.

Safety Measures: Careem places a strong emphasis on passenger safety. They have implemented safety features such as driver background checks, GPS tracking, and in-app communication, ensuring a secure experience for users.

Quality of Drivers: Careem screens and trains its drivers to maintain a high standard of service. Careem drivers are expected to provide courteous and professional service to passengers, contributing to a positive overall experience.

Cashless Payments: Careem offers a convenient cashless payment option through its Careem Pay wallet. Users can add funds to their digital wallets and make payments directly through the app, eliminating the need for cash transactions.

Loyalty Program: Careem Rewards is a loyalty program that allows users to earn points on their rides and redeem them for discounts, free rides, or other rewards. This incentivizes users to continue using Careem and provides added value.

Seamless App Experience: Careem’s mobile app is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing users to easily book rides, track their drivers, and manage their account settings. The app’s interface and features contribute to a seamless user experience.

Localized Services: Careem understands the unique needs and preferences of each market it operates in. They adapt their services to cater to local customs, preferences, and regulations, providing a more localized experience compared to global ride-hailing platforms.

The pricing policy

The pricing in Careem can vary based on several factors, including the city or region, the service category chosen, and the prevailing market conditions. Generally, Careem aims to provide competitive and affordable pricing to attract customers. However, it’s important to note that the perception of whether prices are high or low can be subjective and may depend on individual perspectives and comparisons with other transportation options.

Careem offers different service categories, ranging from economy to premium, each with its own pricing structure. Economy categories generally offer more affordable options, while premium or business categories may come with a higher price point due to added features, comfort, or luxury vehicles. Careem also takes into account factors such as distance traveled, time taken, and any additional services or surcharges that may apply.

Moreover, pricing in ride-hailing services like Careem can be subject to surge pricing during high-demand periods or in busy areas. Surge pricing adjusts prices to incentivize more drivers to be available during peak times, ensuring reliable service. During surge pricing, fares may increase temporarily, but the app usually notifies users about the surge and the increased fare before confirming the ride.

To get a clearer understanding of the prices in your specific location, it is recommended to check the Careem app or website, where you can view fare estimates and the price breakdown for different service categories. This will allow you to assess the affordability of Careem rides based on your specific requirements and compare them with other transportation options available in your area.

Support service for the complaints.

Careem provides various customer support options to assist users with any issues, inquiries, or complaints they may have. Here are some of the customer support options available:

In-App Support: Careem’s mobile app includes an in-app support feature that allows users to directly contact the customer support team. You can access this feature within the app’s menu or settings, depending on the specific version of the app.

Online Help Center: Careem maintains an online help center or support website where you can find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and browse through articles covering various topics related to using the Careem platform and services. The help center often provides detailed guides and troubleshooting steps.

Social Media Channels: Careem maintains an active presence on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Users can reach out to Careem’s social media accounts to seek assistance or raise concerns. Careem’s support team typically responds to customer inquiries and messages received through these channels.

Email Support: You may also have the option to contact Careem’s customer support team via email. The specific email address may vary depending on your region or the nature of your inquiry. It’s recommended to check the official Careem website or app for the relevant email address to contact their support team.

Phone Support: Careem may offer phone support in certain regions. The availability and specific phone numbers for customer support can vary by country. To find the correct phone number for your location, it’s advisable to refer to the Careem website or app.

When contacting Careem’s customer support, it’s helpful to provide as much detail as possible regarding the issue or complaint. This can assist the support team in better understanding and resolving the matter effectively.

Remember that response times and availability of customer support options may vary based on the region and time of contact. It’s recommended to refer to the official Careem channels for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding customer support.

Business or corporate solutions for companies

Careem also provides business or corporate solutions tailored to the needs of companies and organizations. These solutions are designed to facilitate corporate travel and transportation requirements. Here are some of the business and corporate solutions offered by Careem:

Careem for Business: Careem for Business is a specialized platform that enables companies to manage their employees’ transportation needs efficiently. It allows companies to create a corporate account, add employees, set travel policies, and track expenses. Employees can book rides for business purposes while adhering to the company’s guidelines.Careem Business Vouchers: Careem offers business vouchers that companies can purchase and distribute to their employees or clients. These vouchers provide a pre-set amount of credits that can be used for rides within the Careem platform. Business vouchers are a convenient way for companies to cover transportation expenses for their employees or provide transportation as part of their services.

Careem Rewards for Business: Careem Rewards for Business is a program designed for companies to earn rewards based on their employees’ rides. By linking their corporate accounts to the program, companies can accumulate reward points for eligible business rides. These points can be redeemed for various benefits and rewards.

Invoice and Billing Options: Careem provides flexible invoicing and billing options for businesses. This includes centralized billing, consolidated invoices, and integration with expense management systems, making it easier for companies to track and manage transportation expenses.

Dedicated Support: Careem offers dedicated support to its corporate clients, ensuring a smooth experience and addressing any specific needs or inquiries they may have. This support can include assistance with account setup, policy customization, and resolving any issues related to corporate accounts.

These business and corporate solutions by Careem aim to simplify and streamline transportation management for companies, providing convenience, control, and cost-efficiency. Companies interested in these solutions can reach out to Careem through their official website or contact the Careem for Business team for more information and assistance in setting up their corporate accounts.

There are environmentally friendly options, such as electric vehicles

Careem is committed to promoting environmentally friendly transportation options and reducing its carbon footprint. As part of their sustainability initiatives, Careem has introduced various environmentally friendly options, including the use of electric vehicles (EVs), in select cities. Here are some of the efforts and services provided by Careem:

Careem Electric: Careem Electric is a service offered in certain cities where you can specifically request an electric vehicle for your ride. This option allows you to travel in a vehicle that produces lower or zero emissions, contributing to reduced air pollution and environmental impact.

Green Initiatives: Careem actively works towards incorporating more electric and hybrid vehicles into their fleet, promoting the adoption of cleaner technologies. They collaborate with vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to increase the availability of EVs for their services.

Sustainability Partnerships: Careem collaborates with various sustainability organizations, governmental bodies, and green initiatives to promote sustainable transportation and environmental awareness. They participate in programs and events focused on clean mobility and reducing carbon emissions.

Carbon Offset Program: Careem has launched a carbon offset program where they invest in environmentally beneficial projects to offset the carbon emissions generated by their operations. These projects may include initiatives like reforestation, renewable energy, or waste management.

Green Rewards: Careem offers a Green Rewards program that encourages and rewards users who choose eco-friendly options, such as riding in electric vehicles or hybrid cars. This program provides incentives and benefits to promote sustainable transportation choices.

Can we trust in Careem and buy from there?

Careem is a trusted platform for transportation services, and it is generally safe to use and make purchases through the app. Careem has established itself as one of the leading ride-hailing platforms in the Middle East and North Africa region, serving millions of users across multiple cities.

Some factors that contribute to the trustworthiness of Careem:

Established Company: Careem has been operating since 2012 and has gained significant experience and expertise in the ride-hailing industry. It has built a strong reputation and a large customer base over the years.

Safety Measures: Careem prioritizes passenger safety and has implemented various safety measures. These include driver background checks, GPS tracking of rides, in-app communication between passengers and drivers, and customer support channels to address any issues or concerns.

Driver Screening: Careem screens and verifies its drivers, ensuring that they meet certain criteria and standards before being approved to provide rides. This helps maintain a level of professionalism and safety for passengers.

Customer Support: Careem provides customer support channels through its app, website, or other communication channels. If you encounter any issues or have inquiries, you can reach out to their support team for assistance.

User Reviews and Ratings: Careem allows users to rate and review their rides and drivers. This feedback system helps maintain quality standards and provides transparency to users when selecting a driver or service.

Data Privacy and Security: Careem takes data privacy and security seriously. They implement measures to protect user data and comply with relevant data protection laws and regulations.

While Careem takes measures to ensure a safe and reliable experience, it’s always important to exercise general caution and follow recommended safety practices when using any ride-hailing platform. This includes verifying driver and vehicle details, sharing trip information with friends or family, and using in-app communication features for any necessary communication with the driver.

Other services “similar to” and/or “competitors of” Careem

Careem operates in the ride-hailing and transportation industry, so its main competitors are other ride-hailing platforms that offer similar services. Here are some of the major competitors and similar platforms in the industry:

Uber: Uber is one of the most well-known and prominent competitors of Careem. It operates in many of the same regions and offers similar ride-hailing services, allowing users to book rides through a mobile app.

Bolt (formerly Taxify): Bolt is another popular ride-hailing platform that operates in several countries and cities. It provides similar services to Careem and offers competitive pricing and features.

Lyft: While primarily operating in the United States and a few international markets, Lyft is a significant competitor to both Careem and Uber. It offers ride-hailing services and focuses on providing a customer-centric experience.

Grab: Grab is a Southeast Asian ride-hailing platform that operates in multiple countries. It offers various transportation services, including car rides, motorcycles, and taxis, making it a direct competitor to Careem in that region.

Ola: Ola is an Indian ride-hailing platform that competes with Careem and Uber in the Indian market. It provides similar services, including car rides and other transportation options.

DiDi Chuxing: DiDi Chuxing is a major ride-hailing company based in China. It is one of the largest players in the global ride-hailing industry and competes with Careem and other platforms on an international level.

These platforms offer similar services and compete for market share in the ride-hailing industry. While there may be regional players and smaller competitors in specific markets, the above-mentioned platforms are some of the key competitors to Careem on a global scale.

More about Careem:

Careem was established in 2012 by Mudassir Sheikha, Magnus Olsson, and Abdulla Elyas. The founders recognized a need for reliable and convenient transportation services in the Middle East and North Africa region and sought to address this gap in the market.

The company’s journey began in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where the founders launched the first version of the Careem app, initially providing car booking services. The name “Careem” is derived from the Arabic word for “generous” or “noble.”

Careem experienced significant growth and quickly expanded its operations to other cities and countries in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and Pakistan. The company’s success can be attributed to its focus on localizing its services and adapting to the unique cultural and operational characteristics of each market it entered.

Over the years, Careem diversified its offerings to include various types of transportation services beyond cars. This included introducing options like bikes, rickshaws, and even buses in some cities. The expansion of its service portfolio allowed Careem to cater to a broader range of customer needs and enhance its market presence.

In March 2019, Careem made headlines when it was acquired by Uber, the global ride-hailing giant. Uber recognized the potential of the Middle East and North Africa market and sought to strengthen its position in the region by integrating with Careem’s operations. Following the acquisition, Careem has continued to operate as an independent brand within the Uber organization, maintaining its own app and services while benefiting from synergies and resources provided by Uber.

The achievements

Careem has achieved significant success and received several awards and recognition for its contributions to the transportation and technology sectors. Here are some notable achievements, success stories, and awards of Careem:

Acquisition by Uber: One of the significant milestones in Careem’s journey was its acquisition by Uber in 2019. Uber acquired Careem for $3.1 billion, making it the largest technology industry transaction in the Middle East at the time. This acquisition showcased the value and potential of Careem’s business.

Unicorn Status: Careem achieved “unicorn” status in 2016, which refers to a privately held startup with a valuation of over $1 billion. This demonstrated the rapid growth and success of the company in a relatively short period.

Expansion to Multiple Countries: Careem expanded its services to more than 100 cities across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. This significant expansion demonstrated Careem’s ability to scale and adapt its services to diverse markets.

Job Creation: Careem has been instrumental in creating job opportunities for many individuals. The company has provided employment to thousands of drivers and created additional job opportunities in various supporting roles within its operations.

Entrepreneurship Support: Careem has actively supported entrepreneurship and innovation in the region. It launched initiatives like the “Careem Akwafuture” program, which aimed to nurture and support startups and entrepreneurs with a focus on technology and innovation.

Social Impact: Careem has been involved in various social impact initiatives. For example, it launched the “Captainah” program to empower female drivers, promoting gender inclusivity and women’s economic participation in the transportation industry.

Awards and Recognition: Careem has received numerous awards and accolades for its services and contributions to the industry. Some notable awards include the “Best New Service” at the Gulf Capital SME Awards, “Startup of the Year” at the Arabian Business Achievement Awards, and “Disruptor of the Year” at the Gulf Business Awards.

The Business Model

The key elements of Careem’s business model:

Ride-Hailing Platform: Careem operates as an intermediary platform that connects riders and drivers. Through its mobile app, Careem provides a user-friendly interface where riders can request rides and drivers can accept ride requests.

Commission-Based Revenue: Careem generates revenue by taking a commission from each ride completed through its platform. The commission is usually a percentage of the fare paid by the rider. The remaining portion of the fare goes to the driver.

Service Fee: In addition to the commission from each ride, Careem may charge riders a service fee. This fee covers operational costs, technology development, and other expenses related to providing the platform and customer support services.

Surge Pricing: During peak demand periods or in busy areas, Careem may implement surge pricing. Surge pricing temporarily increases the fare to encourage more drivers to be available and provide reliable service during high-demand times. The higher fares during surge pricing contribute to increased revenue for Careem.

Additional Services: Careem has expanded its services beyond ride-hailing, offering additional services such as food delivery, delivery of packages and goods, and even scooter and bike rentals in some markets. These services provide additional revenue streams for the company.

Partnerships and Alliances: Careem may enter into partnerships or alliances with other companies to offer integrated services or expand its reach. For example, Careem has partnered with various payment providers, loyalty programs, and other technology companies to enhance its offering and create synergies.

Regional and Local Adaptation: Careem focuses on understanding the specific needs and preferences of the regions it operates in. It adapts its services, pricing, and operations to align with local market dynamics, regulatory requirements, and cultural considerations, allowing it to effectively compete in diverse markets.

Careem’s business model is built around leveraging technology to connect riders with available drivers, providing a convenient and reliable transportation solution. By acting as an intermediary and taking a commission from each ride, Careem generates revenue while offering a seamless platform experience for both riders and drivers.

Technologies used:

Careem utilizes various technologies to power its platform and deliver its services. The major technologies are:

Mobile Applications: Careem relies heavily on mobile applications available for both iOS and Android devices. The user-facing mobile app allows customers to request rides, track their drivers, and make payments. Drivers also use a separate app that enables them to accept ride requests, navigate to the pick-up and drop-off locations, and communicate with customers.

Geolocation and GPS: Geolocation and GPS technologies play a crucial role in Careem’s operations. These technologies enable real-time tracking of drivers and help match riders with nearby available drivers. They also provide accurate navigation assistance to drivers for efficient pick-ups and drop-offs.

Mapping and Routing Services: Careem integrates mapping and routing services, such as Google Maps or similar providers, into its platform. These services assist drivers in finding optimal routes, avoiding traffic congestion, and reaching the destination efficiently. They also provide estimated arrival times for customers.

Payment Gateway Integration: Careem incorporates secure payment gateways to facilitate cashless transactions within its platform. This involves integrating payment service providers that enable customers to add their credit or debit cards and make seamless digital payments for rides.

Data Analytics and Machine Learning: Careem leverages data analytics and machine learning techniques to gain insights into user behavior, improve its services, and enhance the overall customer experience. These technologies help in demand forecasting, surge pricing algorithms, personalized recommendations, and fraud detection.

Backend Infrastructure and Cloud Services: Careem utilizes robust backend infrastructure and cloud services to handle the large volume of data, process ride requests, and manage the platform’s operations. Cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure provide scalable computing power and storage capacity to support the platform’s requirements.

Communication and Notifications: Careem employs various communication channels and technologies to enable real-time communication between riders and drivers. This includes in-app messaging, push notifications, and SMS notifications to inform users about ride status, driver arrival, and other important updates.

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